About Dr Kevin Ho

Clinical Philosophy

Dr. Kevin Ho believes in a conservative, biomimetic and aesthetic approach to dentistry. You can see some of his smile makeovers throughout this site. He graduated from the prestigious University of Melbourne in Australia. He is currently completing a Master of Clinical Dentistry in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics from King's College London in the UK. He was recently awarded Fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists - highlighting his studies in the field of implant dentistry.
Dr. Kevin has also had extensive clinical experience in both Australia and Canada. In addition to private practice, he has flown to northern parts of Canada to provide treatment for the medically compromised, special needs and geriatric populations. He has also actively volunteered in the Downtown Eastside communities to provide emergency care to the underserved residents.


Outside of patient care, Dr. Kevin Ho is serving as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry. He is also a Clinical Consultant for both MTI College and CDI College.


Beyond dentistry, Dr. Kevin is involved in medical technology development with his background in digital design and marketing. Previously, he has worked with a team of computer scientists on Orosim in Silicon Valley, to help doctors learn more efficiently and effectively through the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
Recently he started the role of Head of Innovation at Renew Sciences - a holding company for healthcare FMCG and media groups.

Authored Publications
Hollywood Visual Effects In Dentistry
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MBA Case Studies

Nanyang Technological University MBA Business Case Study - San Francisco, CA