“No-Headache” Extraction Technique

Extracting deciduous teeth can be difficult, for several reasons:

  • The shape of the almost conical clinical crown makes it pretty difficult to allow for any grip of the forceps.
  • The lack of inter-proximal space, makes it pretty difficult to luxate and generate mobility — especially in orthodontic patients.

Combine this with the the expectation that it will be easy; pressure from the curious crowd (parents); and an anxious child makes it not the most fun experience for anybody.

What is the “No-Headache” Extraction Technique? (Patent pending of course 😉 )

An extraction technique to save time… and your back.

Simply crown-prep the buccal and lingual aspects to create artificial undercuts. Yes — it’s that easy.

Anatomically, there are undercuts, but the clinical crown is usually conical.
Tapered fissure bur engages the buccal and lingual aspect to create deep 45 degree undercuts.
The creation of a deep undercut allows for steady grip of the primary tooth.

Obviously this works also for heavily broken down roots, or any conical shaped teeth.

Doing this for almost 90% of my extractions has saved me countless hours — compare this to the times when I used to accrue so much technical debt, when I would try to grip onto broken down crowns, and having it continue to fracture more apically.

Give it a go and let me know how it goes. Good luck!

Dr Kevin Ho
Dr Kevin Ho
Dr Kevin Ho is Cosmetic Dentist, Clinical Professor and Entrepreneur based out of Australia and Canada.

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