3D Dental Books

What are 3D Dental Books?

3D Dental Books was a project I first started in 2015, when I discovered how to create three-dimensional models of teeth on the Apple ecosystem. Unlike books that have static images, my books had 3D animations that could be rotated and moved to assist in learning. For example, our books contain the access cavities of all teeth in 3D - allowing you to visualise the number, size and depth enabling you to apply this knowledge in clinical practice.

Are 3D Books suitable for me?

If you've been struggling with doing endodontics, I'd definitely recommend using this as a resource to improve your patient outcomes. The book also contains videos that detail a number of clinical tips I've learnt over the last few years that might be useful to you. And it's Free - so whats the risk?

We've had thousands of downloads by dentists and dental students globally.

My only ask is if found it helpful please share and give a review on the iBooks Store
. Cheers!

Currently our other books are being remastered to offer more value with certified CE credits.

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Dr Kevin Ho
Dr Kevin Ho
Dr Kevin Ho is Cosmetic Dentist, Clinical Professor and Entrepreneur based out of Australia and Canada.

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